About Us – nagłówek

We are a manufacturer of complete grain storage facilities.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of grain storage and processing for a wide range of clients from the agricultural and industrial sectors. We are a supplier of high quality drying, cleaning and transporting equipment for grain, including design and assembly. Products sold through companies under the “RIELA” brand and through a network of partners around the world have gained the reputation and recognition of our customers.

Our projects are made based on the analysis of customer needs and are based on the knowledge and experience of employees. The elevator is planned together with the investor at its place of origin and various concepts are developed together. Solutions are prepared in 3D technology to present the planned investment as realistically and faithfully as possible. We execute our projects “turnkey”, and we require minimum commitment from the investor.

To reflect the internationally recognized phrase “Made in Germany” we rely on modern technologies and designing structures in 3D-CAD. To meet global market requirements, we have made significant investments in the automation of the production line. Cutting-edge laser, cutting and forming technologies ensure metalworking at the highest level and precision in every detail.

Developing the export capabilities of our devices has created a system of a team structure that allows for relatively inexpensive final assembly on the investment site.