The fodder silos of feed silos we offer are used to store loose crops and granules. The tanks are made of solid corrugated sheet made of high-quality S350 GD structural steel.
The zinc coating is 450 g/m2, while the roof is made of sheet metal covered with SOLANO coating.

The corrugated sheet used during the construction process prevents excessive sun exposure to the material. It is also supported by the exceptional resistance of the SOLANO coating, which effectively protects the tank against adverse weather conditions.

The silo hopper with an angle of 60o has an outlet opening with a diameter of 440mm.
Each fodder silo is equipped with a pipe for pneumatic loading, as well as a pipe that facilitates air exchange during loading and unloading the tank.

In addition to the fodder silos, we also encourage you to stock up on a whole range of loading and unloading systems, measurement and control devices and fans. RIELA Polska will offer an economical solution that will meet your expectations.


  • Closed silos (without ventilation slots)
  • Silos equipped with pneumatic filling pipe and air exchange pipe
  • They meet the requirements for the 4th snow load zone according to the latest PN-EN 1991-1-3: 2005 standard
  • They meet the requirements for the 3rd wind load zone up to 1000 m above sea level. according to the latest standard 1991-1-4: 2008
  • The thickness of the zinc layer on the silo shell is 450 g/m2
  • The thickness of the zinc layer on the silo supports ranges from 450 to 600 g/m2
  • Special grade 8.8 bolts
  • Special paste for sealing sheet joints, double vertical sealing of sheet joints.

Table of capacity and height of fodder silos:

Method of marking fodder silos by RIELA POLSKA:

The first two-digits identifies the silo series, which indicates the number of sheets that make up one silo ring. The third digit indicates the number of rings that make up the silo. For example, a 308 silo is a 300 series silo with 08 rings, where one ring consists of 3 plates, and the number after the “/” indicates the angle of the hopper.


TypeApproximate load capacityApproximate volumeOverall heightWeight
301/607,00 t11 m³4,4 m685 kg
302/6010,00 t16 m³5,2 m805 kg
303/6014,00 t21 m³6,1 m875 kg
304/6017,00 t25 m³6,9 m945 kg
305/6020,00 t30 m³7,7 m1 015 kg
306/6023,00 t35 m³8,6 m1 085 kg
307/6026,00 t40 m³9,4 m1 155 kg
308/6029,00 t44 m³10,2 m1 230 kg

Examples of implementation photos: