GTR mobile batch dryers are designed for drying all types of cereals, maize, oilseeds and legumes, as well as consumption, feed and sowing material.

The operation of the dryer consists in the continuous movement of grain in the dryer column until the desired (indirectly set) humidity is obtained, regardless of the initial humidity of the dried material.

The circulation dryer by RIELA Polska, thanks to the use of thermostats and measuring the temperature of the furnace, drying air and grain in the column, is subject to constant control and prevents exceeding the set values.


The drying process consists of four phases:

  • backfilling the column
  • drying the material
  • cooling the material
  • column emptying

Riela Polska type GTR dryers are equipped with a switchable heat exchanger. Thanks to it, it is possible to dry the grain with clean air, preheated in the exchanger, and not with exhaust gases.

The furnance in our dryers is longer than in other manufacturers’ dryers. Thanks to this, we minimize the risk of burning the grain with a flame.

The dryer head works in two modes: loading and recirculation and unloading. In the loading and recirculation mode, the grain is brought up through the central screw, then it falls into the drying chamber and circulates in this way. After switching to the unloading mode, the grain is also brought to the top by the central screw, and then it is unloaded outside the dryer thanks to the discharge chute.


Characteristics of the GTR dryer:

  • Made of galvanized steel

  • Perforated stainless steel tank

  • Air heater with fuel oil burner (optional with gas burner)

  • Furnace with a switchable heat exchanger

  • Optional air grain cleaner

  • Possibility of powering from the tractor’s PTO through the generator

Technical data:

Dryer parametersGTR 750GTR 1500GTR 2500
Column capacity for grain7,1 m315 m324 m3
Electric power installed11,8 kW22 kW32 kW
Fan (air capacity)12 000 m3/h25 000m3/h33 000 m3/h
Dryer width2235 mm2820 mm3200 mm
Transport / working height3205 mm / 4335 mm3900 mm / 5600 mm5250 mm / 6925 mm
Transport / working length4950 mm / 7205mm7400 mm / 9600 mm8800 mm / 11000 mm
Air heater with switchable heat exchanger
Without heat exchanger 290 kW580 kW1000 kW
With heat exchanger300 kW500 kW
Average consumption of fuel oil for drying 1 ton of grain with reduce 1% of humidity1,2 liters1,2 liters1,2 liters
Efficiency of drying wheat with moisture reduction from 19% to 15%2,1 t/h (50 t/day)4,5 / 3,0* t/h (108/72* t/day)6,2/5,0* t/h (150/120* t/day)
Efficiency of drying rapeseed with moisture reduction from 13% to 8%1,4 t/h (34 t/doba)3,0 / 2,5 t/h (72/60* t/doba)4,2 / 3,3* t/h (100/80* t/doba)
Efficiency of drying maize with moisture reduction from 30% to 15%1,0 t/h (24 t/doba)2,0 / 1,2* t/h (48/29* t/doba)3,3 / 1,8* t/h (78/43* t/doba)

* with heat exchanger on.
Maximum temperature of drying air for: wheat 90ºC, rape 75ºC, maize 130ºC. 
The above data refer to the following parameters: outside air temperature 15ºC, relative air humidity 75%, mature, clean grain, continuous operation of the dryer.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical changes.

Photos of the GTR dryer: