We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of grain storage and processing. We accompany our clients from the moment of planning the investment to its commissioning. We offer systems in accordance with the needs, concept and capabilities of the investor.

Our offer includes:

  • grain silos – grain warehouses providing the best conditions for storing crops, reliable protection against rainfall and grain ventilation
  • grain cleaners – remove contaminants from maize, wheat, legumes, oilseeds and other crops
  • grain dryers – designed to dry all kinds of grains, including maize and legumes.
  • agricultural halls – ideal for storing loose materials or agricultural equipment, equipped with mechanical ventilation and roof lighting
  • conveyors – used for filling and emptying elevators and for transporting grain in technological processes,
  • feed mills – systems equipped with a weighing system and computer control,
  • control and automation – automatic control systems compatible with a personal computer and tailored to individual customer requirements
  • ventilation systems – necessary for effective ventilation of stored grains.

If your company needs a feed silo, maize dryer, cleaning plant, feed hall or feed mill plant, please contact the RIELA Poland representative. We will select the best solutions.