One of the comprehensive and technologically advanced solutions proposed by our company are professional cereal cleaners PROF-SEED.

They are intended for the thorough and pre-cleaning of all types of grain, maize, oilseeds and legumes. It can also be used as a sorting machine.

With the appropriate selection of sieve sets and the setting of appropriate adjustments, we obtain the highest quality of grain intended for commercial trading. The PROF-SEED device is simple in its construction and at the same time durable and reliable, it is ideal for industrial facilities.

The machine we offer consists of a pneumatic separator and mechanical separators – drum screens.

The contaminated grain (1) is delivered through the rotary distributor to the individual sieve sections (2). Each section consists of two sieves (3) in the form of vertical drums rotating around their own axes and at the same time around the machine axis. Larger impurities are retained on the inner sieves, while grain with smaller impurities goes to the space between the sieves. At this stage, smaller contaminants pass through the outer sieve, while the grain goes to the AIR-SEED (6). Larger and smaller impurities are discharged through outlets (4,5). In the air-cleaner (6), light particles and dust are sucked by a fan (7) into a cyclone or a waste container, and the clean material leaves the device through the outlet (9). As an option, it is possible to reduce dust emissions to the environment by using a filter (8) with a recirculation system of air used to clean the grain.

The PROF-SEED grain cleaner can be made as mobile machine. It can work just as effectively when placed on a trailer.

The rotating movement instead of vibration means that no foundation or leveled surface is required.

This cleaner takes up much less space than traditional table cleaners of similar efficiency.

It is environmentally friendly in the closed-air version.

Advantages of the Prof-Seed cleaner:

  • There is almost no vibration
  • self-cleaning with the air stream created as a result of rotational movement
  • The use of centrifugal force gives high efficiency and effectiveness of grain cleaning, facilitates cleaning of moist and difficult raw materials even mold, fungi, bacteria and dust is reduced up to 70% more effectively than table variants
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is made in a closed, soundproof and dust-free housing, it can be equipped with a cyclone and a set of fittings to create a closed air circulation, thanks to which a significant part of the air is reused and only a small part ends up in the atmosphere. Tthis solution significantly reduces the risk of environmental pollution and does not require building costly aspiration systems
  • It takes much less space than traditional table machines of similar performance
  • All outlet points and drum replacement doors are easily adjustable, so the machine can be adapted to different building conditions
  • individual screens can be replaced very quickly and can be removed vertically saving space around the machine
  • It is ease of use
  • A minimal amount of additional adjustments are required while the machine is running

Technical data:

Initial cleaning, efficiency in t/h
Rapeseed17% H²O406080120160
Wheat18% H²O 5580110160220
Maize35% H²O27405580110
Thorough cleaning, efficiency in t/h
Rapeseed9% H²O20 30406080
Wheat14% H²O25375074100
Maize15% H²O1218253650
Malting barley sorting, efficiency in t/h
20% sort58101620
15% sort811152230
10% sort1319 253850
Minimum width[m] 1,641,641,641,972,91
Minimum length[m]2,352,352,352,523,12
Electrical power[kW]20,8724,3726,5530,2446,10
A: pre-cleaner AIR-SEED 80, B: pre-cleaner AIR-SEED 120

Sample projects: