The range of our cereal processing machines also includes the table cleaner SEED-45. This device is designed to clean cereals, maize, rapeseed, sunflower, legumes and grass seeds.

The entire cleaning process takes place on two levels of flat sieves. Particles coarser than grain remain on the upper sieve, grain remains on the lower sieve and smaller particles pass through the lower sieve. Additionally, light impurities are extracted with the help of the aspiration system.

Obtaining the appropriate efficiency and quality of processes in the field of all types of grain allows us to use a wide range of sieves.

SEED-45 cleaners are used in farms that require precise separation of grains from all impurities and during the grain sorting process. These machines guarantee high intensity of work with low energy consumption at the same time.

The SEED-45 model is a product that guarantees safe use. Thanks to the use of functional elements, this device is extremely easy and simple to use.

The advantages that distinguish SEED-45 cleaners among others:

  • work on the basis of fraction size differences and specific gravity differences

  • high efficiency and effectiveness in removing unwanted particles from the grain

  • high efficiency of collecting light pollutants

  • ease of use

  • low operating costs

  • quick sieve change

Technical data:

SEED-45 table cleaner
Initial cleaning
Wheat 40 t/h
Rapeseed 25 t/h
Maize 18 t/h
Weight: 1300 kg
Height: 2360 mm
Width: 2280 mm
Length: 2450 mm
Cleaner motor power: 1,1 kW
Fan motor power: 3 kW
Sieve surface: 5,88 m2

Visualizations and sample realizations: