Our offer also includes shipping silos. These are tanks intended for short-term storage of dry grain, rapeseed, maize, legumes and other loose materials for quick loading onto means of transport such as railway wagons or trucks.

Thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions, they allow for much more effective work, as well as the multiplication of its results. This, as is known, is of key importance in the agricultural industry.

As shipping tanks, we can use standard 500 series silos with a 45o hopper up to a capacity of 111 tons or rectangular-shaped tanks made of flat sheet of high-quality S350 GD structural steel.

The zinc coating on round silos is 600 g/m2 and on square silos is 450 g/m2.

The materials used in the production ensure long-term use of the tanks and are a guarantee of safety.

There is a possibility of modular connection of rectangular shipping silos, both vertically and horizontally.

The dimensions of a single square module are 4.1m x 4.1m x 2.5m, and its capacity is 50.4 m3 (37.8 t).

For our silos, we offer a wide range of loading and unloading systems, fans and measuring and control devices. RIELA Polska will in any case offer an economical solution that meets your expectations.

Example photos of implementation and visualizations: