The RIELA Polska company offers grain cleaners UNI-SEED with a horizontally arranged drum. It is a proven to be simple, durable and reliable design. These cleaners are designed for thorough cleaning of all types of cereals, maize, oilseeds and legumes. They can also be used as sorting machines.

The construction of the cleaner consists of two elements:

  • air separator – pre-cleaner – it is the first stage of grain cleaning. In this module, a stream of air passes through the flowing grain, which collects light dirt and dust. This separator is equipped with elements regulating the power of extracting light impurities to avoid pulling out light grains. The dust from this zone is discharged into the cyclone, and light pollutants are transferred via a screw conveyor to a suitable outlet and then, for example, to the solid waste collection facility.
  • drum separator – in this module the second and main stage of grain cleaning takes place. Sequentially arranged drum sieves allow for the separation of different fractions depending on the sieve perforation. Debris smaller than grain is removed first. In the next section, full ripe grains are passed through the sieves. Impurities larger than grains are removed in the last section at the end of the drum.

The UNI-SEED cereal cleaner is also equipped with the so-called bypass, i.e. a separator that allows the grain to pass through, bypassing the drum separator and using only light impurities to be blown away.

Advantages of the Uni-Seed cleaner:


Cleaner parameters
Number of sievesszt434
Sieves area1012,915,9
Drum diametermm8051 2601 260
Fan powerkW5,57,57,5
Air flowm3/h12 00014 00014 000
Minimum widthmm 1 5002 3002 300
Minimum lengthmm6 1004 6005800
Heightmm2 7003 5003 500
Weightkg1 3703 1003350
Electric powerkW7,711,511,5
Pre-cleaning performance in t/h
Rapeseed10% H²O405585
Wheat15% H²O80120150
Maize35% H²O6090120

Graphic visualizations:​